Helping BeeHiiv Users with Automations

Automate your reports, Update your subscribers, Dashboards and more.

  • Bulk Update through Excel Sheet
  • Build your Newsletter in Public

Public Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Showcase your growth and metrics to build your newsletter in public.

Bulk Update through Excel

Update Custom fields or attributes of your subscribers easily from Excel or CSV

Auto Segments for Paid Acquisition (Coming Soon)

Connect your Facebook Ad Accounts to see your Ad acquisition performance.

Wallet Friendly Pricing

We are forever free for Newsletters with < 1000 subscribers.

BeeKit provides automations flows for your Newsletter. Enrich subscribers data, Get automated reports and more.

  • Unlimited Subscribers: Pay per Newsletter. There is no limit on Subscriber count.

  • One Account: Multiple Newsletter: Connect all your Newsletters and manage them in single account.

  • Daily Reports: BeeKit provides insightful reports every day.

Pro Plan

Our only plan



First 1000 Subscribers Free:

  • Unlimited Enrichment through Excel/CSV.
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Free Dashboard (Coming Soon)
  • Integrate Ad Account for Insights (Coming Soon)
  • Email Support